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Welcome to $\LaTeX$ chat! To begin, set your username above and either create or join a room. Once you do, you will be able to type messages below and send them to everyone in the room. You'll see a preview of your formatted message above the box so you can confirm your code is working properly. After you join a room, you can save a raw copy of all messages so you can recompile the TeX later.

This uses starter version of Pubnub, so the connections are limited. In times of heavy use, it may not be able to connect.


You can use HTML in the text box!

To type in $\LaTeX$: Use either $your tex code here$, \[your tex code here\] or \begin{equation/array/align/etc}your tex code here\end{equation}.

To get a newline: Use SHIFT+Enter to get a new line in the text box.

To escape $\LaTeX$: Place the text you wish to escape between <span class="tex2jax_ignore"></span> in the text box.